Aircraft Sales

We are only Cessna Authorized Service Facility(ASF)in Japan.

Cessna Authorized Service Facility(ASF)

Our company is only Cessna Authorized Service Facility(ASF)in Japan.
We are working to provide customer minded service of aircraft sales and consultation, working together with JAPCON that is Textron Aviation propeller aircraft sales representative in Japan .

We provide comprehensive necessary support of aircraft operation, maintenance,
modification, management and pilot training etc. We are trying to provide customer mindfull support which enables customer happiness.
We will take care of you.

Cessna Authorized Service Facility(ASF)
Textron Aviation Inc. Authorized Propeller Aircraft Sales Representative in Japan ※JAPCON Inc.

Parts Sales


All parts and equipment can be sold through our channel.
We also be able to provide repair and sale of other manufacturer’s parts and equipment.
We focusing on smooth aircraft operation by providing AOG support with speedy parts delivery and logistics.

Main Deal Manufacturer

  • Textron Aviation Inc.
    Cessna Aircraft Company

    We can arrange subscription of Maintenance Manual(MM), Illustrated Parts Catalog etc. in addition to parts and equipment sales.

  • Textron Aviation Inc.
    Beechcraft Corporation

    Parts support of Textron Aviation Beechcraft also available.


    DAHER-SOCATA Authorized Service Center.

Equipment Sales



We cares GPS aera795, aera550, aera500 etc, Garmin portable series as GPS Asia Aviation Service Center.

We can advise best suitable model in accordance with your use. Database updating and follow-up service will be provided. We will take care of you.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

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