Aerial Photograph & PR Flight

Aerial Photograph & PR Flight

Aerial Photograph

Your Flight experience will change you!
Seen from the air have a power for changing your life.

  • Okayama castle and Korakuen
  • Okayama City
  • Okayama Air Service Co., Ltd. Head Quarters
  • Seto-Ohashi Bridge
  • Seto-Ohashi Bridge
  • Okayama City

We can provide photos taken from the air. Photos do not limit to use. Please find your special usage of photos.
These data can also be used for memorial goods, brochures etc.
Let’s take that photos!!

  • Keep your memory in special photos.
    You can have a only one data which makes your precious memories!

    • Aerial Photograph
    • Aerial Photograph


      • Memory at the summit of mountain
      • Photos from beautiful Setouchi beaches area
      • Memories of special day for you and your important person
      • etc.
  • Pictures what you will get is only one in the world…

    • Seto-Ohashi Bridge
    • Seto-Ohashi Bridge


      • Your memorial places
      • Seto-ohashi, Shimanami-kaido , any place your favorite seenaries
      • Plane follows your bike, car or boat
      • etc.

Please contact us about details.

PR Flight

PR flight is unique in the Japan and adding special values.

  • PR flight can announce wide and reaches very far. Our C172 equip with big speaker on LH side.
    Available this speaker-equipped-Cessna anytime for various events.

  • PR Flight

Express your thought by special way!!
Voices spread all over the world.

  • Example…

      • Propose from the air
      • PR your products
      • PR events
      • For a marriage ceremony, school festival etc.
  • Cessna172R
  • Cessna172R

Please contact any questions, request, etc. We can support anything you want!!
Hope you will find beautiful flight seen from us.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

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