Charter Flights

Business Jet Charter Service

Cessna Citation M2
Business Jet Charter Service

Okayama Air Service's business jets connect you with your destination by the shortest route, under a simple pricing plan.

A simple and effective system

  • ・We use a simple system for pricing based on flight times to make it easy to understand. You can easily confirm the price when we give you our quotation.
  • ・Our focus is on ease of use, convenience, and affordable prices, eliminating trouble with booking and other procedures.

More comfort, safety, and convenience

  • ・Providing a completely new experience with airplane exclusively for the customer, flexible itineraries, and shorter times.
  • ・Protecting your privacy and keeping you safe from terrorism, hijacking, and other menaces.
  • ・The facing seats and folding table allow you to make effective use of your time on the plane, for example by holding meetings during the flight.
  • ・We fly to destinations where there are no regular services and at times like late night or early in the morning.※
    ※Please contact us for more details.

Prices and Flight Information

Charter Prices(Prices include tax. Prices covers aircraft charter fee, regardless of the number of passengers. The maximum number of passengers is four.)

Passenger prices
Flight time Per hour \396,000 ※Minimum price: 1 hour
The amount at the left is increased for each subsequent five minute increment.
※For local accommodation, the maximum is two nights.
Deadhead prices (if applicable)
Flight time Per hour \283,800 ※Minimum price: 5 minutes
The amount at the left is increased for each subsequent five minute increment.
※Deadhead price between Kounan Airport (Okayama Prefecture), your specified departure point, and your destination.
Local accommodation prices (if applicable)
Per night \132,000 ※Maximum of two nights.

※Flight times may change due to weather conditions or air traffic control instructions.
However, the price will remain as the official quotation when you made the booking.


  • Maximum Range

    Maximum Range


  • Maximum Cruise speed

    Maximum Cruise speed


  • Maximum Passenger

    Maximum Passenger


  • Useful Load

    Useful Load


  • Engine


    Williams International FJ44-1AP-21

  • WINGSPAN – 47ft3in(14.40m)

  • HEIGHT – 13ft11in(4.24m)

    LENGTH – 42ft7in(12.98m)

At the airport
  • We will come to meet you at the location we specified during the booking. Make sure to bring the special tickets (boarding application).
  • We will guide you smoothly through boarding procedures and luggage checks exclusive to our customers for boarding our plane.
  • As an extra option, we can arrange for ground transport at departure or arrival. (E.g., taxis or hired vehicles)
In the cabin
  • Cessna Citation M2 with stylish and high-class interior.
  • Four leather seats (in pairs facing each other) with armrests designed for excellent comfort, and a folding table, one side-facing leather seats in forward cabin, one belted leather seat in rest room.
  • Two of the chairs have reclining functions (up to 140 degrees) for a relaxing time.
  • Mineral water and snacks are available.
  • The airplane has space for luggage at the front and back.
  • Because there are limits to the airplane's capacity, we will ask for the weight of your luggage when you make your booking.

For bookings, please contact our inquiries desk.


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Safety Standards for Business jet Operation “IS-BAO”

We have been certified IS-BAO※ in 2010 from IBAC※※. This is the first IS-BAO certified Air Operator in Japan. After continuous improvement, we have been awarded IS-BAO Stage 3 certification in 2020.

※ IS-BAO:International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations
※※ IBAC:International Business Aviation Council

Booking flow

  • Contact
  • Quote
  • Payment
  • Ticket issuing
  • Flight
Required information for bookings
  • We will ask you for information required for the flight during the booking.
  • For corporate bookings, please tell us the name of your corporation. Have the following information ready for actual passengers.
    ・ Full name of representative, address, contact information
    ・ Full name of each passenger, contact information


Bookings and payments
  • For bookings, please contact our inquiries desk.
    Tel. +81-86-261-1111 Email:
  • We will prepare an official quotation of the flight price after you contact us.
  • Your application is complete when you accept the quoted price and complete the boarding application.
  • The booking is completed once we confirm your payment after the application.
  • We will issue a receipt immediately on the completion of the boarding procedure.
  • Your boarding ticket (boarding application) will be sent to you by seven days prior to departure.
  • Please tell us during your booking if any passengers have disabilities, require assistance, or are pregnant.
Payment method
  • You can pay by bank transfer or by credit card.
  • If you pay by bank transfer, you must bear the cost of any bank fees.
  • When paying by bank transfer, please take note of times outside bank operating hours and dates (weekends, public holidays).
  • If you require billing for payment, please inquire.

Other points

Permitted and prohibited carry-on luggage
  • Each passenger is in principle allowed to bring as carry-on luggage one bag and items able to be carried on your knees.
  • There are weight limits to ensure flight safety. You will be asked to give details about your luggage when you make your booking so that we can estimate the weight.
  • For large or heavy items, it may be better to send them separately by mail.
  • For the sake of safety, the following items may not be brought onboard.
    • ▲Dangerous items (e.g., weapons)
    • ▲Gunpowder or flammable materials
    • ▲Corrosive substances
    • ▲Items that create a loud sound or offensive smell
    • ▲Item that is not legally permissible to carry
    • ▲Delicate, fragile, perishable items
    • ▲Other items we identify as being unsuitable in order to maintain flight safety.
  • Our staff will inspect your luggage and carry out a safety inspection when you board the plane.
Cancellation fees
  • Cancellation is possible within 30 days of the final date of the validity period or the date/time specified on the boarding ticket (boarding application).
  • We will refund an amount minus the following cancellation fees to your specified bank account within approximately four weeks from the cancellation.
  • The customer is responsible for any bank transfer fees. Refunds are not available at the airport.
Up to three days prior to the meeting time we specify after your payment Free
Three days to two hours prior to the meeting time we specify 50%
Less than two hours prior to the meeting time we specify, or in other circumstances 100%

Please contact us about details.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

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