Brush Up Training

Brush Up Training

Brush-up Training Course

  • If you have a certain blank of flight, although you want to fly, you are able to brush-up for maintaining your skills and set a training plan as your desired. And also you can train for “Pilot Competency Assessment system” (Flight review of JCAB) in advance.

  • Cessna172R
  • Cessna172R
  • Minimum Requirement for enrollment

    • Single Engine License Holder(PPL)
    • Aviation medical certificate (Class2)
    • Japanese radiotelephone operator license.
  • Submitted document

    • Application for an enrollment - 1
    • Photograph for ID (3×2.5cm) - 1
    • Documents of piloting resume - 1
    • Airmen competence certificates (copy) - 1
    • Radiotelephone operator licenses (copy) - 1
    • Aviation medical certificate (copy) - 1


  • Cessna172R

  • Beechcraft 58 Baron


Basic Tainting syllabus

  • For example (Cessna172R)

    • Around 20 hours for Ground School
    • Around 15 hours for Flight Training

    We will support you to change your foreign license to JCAB one.

  • Cessna172R
  • Cessna172R

Please contact us about details.

The introduction of "Pilot Competency Assessment system"

On and after April 1, 2014, no person who holds a Pilot Competency Certificate must do what is listed below unless passing a Pilot Competency Assessment conducted by a Pilot Competency Assessor has been made within a specific period (2 years in principle) preceding a flight:

  1. getting on board the aircraft and operating it;
  2. supervising the flight training made by a person who doesn’t have an applicable license;
  3. supervising the flight training made by a person who hasn’t passed a Pilot Competency Assessment;
  4. supervising the flight training made by a person who doesn’t have an instrument flight rating.

We have three instructor as Pilot Competency Assessor (airplane only).
Please contact us about details if you receive the assessment.


Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

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