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IS-BAO Stage 3の認証を取得いたしました

IS-BAO Stage 3の認証を取得いたしました


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2020年7月31日、当社はIBAC(国際ビジネス機協会)が認定するIS-BAOのStage 3の認証を取得しました。
IS-BAOのStage 3の認証取得により、ビジネス航空分野における世界最高基準での安全性を認定して頂いております。

July 31, 2020
After hearing the news that Okayama Air Service had been awarded the prestigious IS-BAO Stage 3 certification, We embrace the highest IS-BAO standards, and with our recent Stage 3 certification from IS-BAO, we have again reinforced our safety culture of continuous improvement.
IS-BAO Stage 3:
IS-BAO Stage 3 is the final and the highest level in a five-year performance-based assessment, specifically recognizes compliance with the highest IS-BAO standards and practices following an in-depth audit and rating of the Safety Management System (SMS).



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