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双日は、2003年から日本で先駆的にビジネスジェット事業を開始しました。2005年に運航管理事業に参画し、2017年には米国籍機体の運航管理を担うPhenix Jet Internationalを設立、2021年にはケイマン国籍機体の運航管理を行うPhenix Jet Caymanを設立するなど、大型ビジネスジェットジェットの販売や運航、更には国際線チャーター運航事業を中心に事業を拡大してきました。


8 July 2022
Japcon Co., Ltd. has transferred 100% of the issued shares, including the shares of its wholly owned subsidiary Okayama Airlines Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Japcon Group), to Sojitz Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Sojitz).

Sojitz is a major general trading company in Japan and started the business jet business in Japan in 2003. In 2005, participated in the flight management business, established Phenix Jet International in 2017, which manages the flight operation of US-registered aircraft, and in 2021, established Phenix Jet Cayman, which manages the flight operation of Cayman registered aircraft. Sojitz has expanded its business centered on the sale and operation of large business jets and the international charter operation business.

With this transfer of shares, as a new member of the Sojitz Group, the Japcon Group will continue to focus on selling Textron Aviation aircraft , as well as an environment and services that will make business jets more accessible to customers. In addition, the Japcon Group will work with Sojitz to become an operator who can provide various flight services even in the Urban Air Mobility market where demand is expected to increase in the future.

The Japcon Group will continue to expand the maintenance and technical support provided by the Japcon Group as the Sojitz Group, and will play a part in providing comprehensive business jet services both domestically and internationally through the expansion of business areas. We will continue to create new value in the aviation field by continuing to contribute to the development of the jet industry.



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