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CBP(Confidence Building Program)

CBP(Confidence Building Program)

CBP(Confidence Building Program)

Confidence-Building Program for all pilots

EMT(Emergency Maneuver Training),was designed and written by Rich Stowell in 1991, is a world-famous training program in order to advanced of pilot’s ability regarding risk management, for which also has been recommended by FAA. Regrettably, it is not really known in Japan. Although our some ancestors who received EMT to familiarize in our country, it has never spread out up to today.

CBP(Confidence Building Program), our new training program used Cessna172R, is based on EMT program. CBP has three objectives,

  • 1) Removing consciousness of a danger or fear against stall/spins;
  • 2) Knowing any risks and bringing up ability of safety management and ;
  • 3) Bringing up ability of safe flight being calmly even though it would be in case of an emergency.
We have been arranged trainable environment with the great cooperation from one of famous airshow pilot Masa Utsumi who is the principal of EMT in Japan. We hope much of Japanese pilot experience this special training CBP and to develop aeronautical culture in Japan. Pilot who experienced CBP sure to lead safety operation, this is the ultimate purpose of CBP!!

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    A total of 3 parts(ACT-1~3)

    Each ACT
    • Around 1 hour for Ground School
    • Flight training Around 45 min
    All ACT
    • Around 3 hours for Ground School
    • Around 2 hours and 15 min

    ※Please contact us about details.

    ※Training expenses are unit price of Ground school and Flight training.



    • Dutch Roll
    • Coordinated Turn


    • Stall Flight
    • Rudder Exercise
    • Slip Flight
    • Spin Recovery

    ※Recovering from spin is not the aim, so that recovering from early of incipient spin is the aim.

You have to recieve an ACT(-2 or 3) within six months from your last ACT.
CBP is supposed to be completed at ACT-3, and then you will get a completion certificate of this program.


  • With a great Hope for aviation safety –the day CBP was born-

    It has been over 110 years since “Aircraft” was truly FLYING by Wright brothers. Nowadays, we tend to believe safe navigation is a natural matters due to recent leading edge technology covers every scenery of cruising.

    However, all of airman have to remind again “Flying” was desperate event for pilots before modernization, therefore it was precisely a human’s “HOPE” even people taking its risk of die. “Flying was just a “Hope” for human’s bright futures and is still should be.
    People believes flight should be safe and relatively easy if we follows right manners in recent day, however, this safety was created based on lots of sacrifices which our ancestors challenged to recover dangers.
    Other words, recent safety have built on the history of risk of life and scarify of their blood.

    Nevertheless, I am feeling that all of airman easy to lose sight of “important” matters once people fly higher and higher. But this is also true and the “Nature of Flying”. Technologies, which contribute improvement of safe flight, make us away from us the meaning of “Fly” and “Steering of Aircraft” in this beautiful sky.
    It is important you to pay attention risks for safety during your flight.

    We have to know that almost all of the aircraft accidents have been occurred by human error. Most of it is occurred facing a strange situations and/or under emergency conditions. This situation cause “Panic”; “Loss of Confidence” and these are the biggest enemy of safe flight. You might realize from the case of past accidents that a pilot who was in “Loss of Confidence” fly low altitude with low airspeed would go into stall/spin and end up causing irrevocable accident.

    There is real value and meaning of “CBP” which is specified training you are able to get a clue of the problem and conquer from your “Loss of Confidence” by learning stall/spin dynamics etc.

    EMT, which was developed by Rich Stowell, has been contributed to the world as a part of the FAA Aviation Safety Program too.
    I have been thinking about consequence of EMT, and am feeling responsible for familiarizing “CBP” to domestic airman as a graduates of EMT.
    I always wish Japanese aviation will be safe and developing by all of pilots who graduates of CBP, for finding“Nature of Flying”.

    MAY 2016
    Okayama Air Service Co., Ltd.

    CFI Kentaro Yamada

    -Completion of EMT at AUG 1st 2015-

Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

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